Friday, May 27, 2011

10 things your tweets say about you


  1. I do not use facebook I only Twitter however, that was the best blog that I have read in a long time. I was busy LMAO! Truly inspiring and true! Great Job Ivan! And Tom Hoffay is definitely a conversationalist but great guy and I laugh at all of @MichaelLMadsen Tweets. He is definite one of a kind but I have respect for him.@DFNewsCat keeps me on my toes. Again, Thank you for that Blog!

  2. Great Article Ivan ~ Ok let's see I would say I'm 2. You are a conversationalist~ Although I usually always start off w/ Re: followed by an abbreviated version of the tweet to me, so people will know what we are talking about!
    Yeah I'm #3 One way conversationalist, but, I do sometimes get an answer especially if it is a Q & A {ha-ha} Phil Donahue {Via Marlo 'cause he doesn't have a Twitter account} answered my question about how Tomas Young the subject of "Body of War" was doing immediately...
    #7. You are a shameless self-promoter Ok yes, but, not nearly as much as I was when I first started on Twitter & didn't know how to use Twitter!
    Finally Yes! I have issues! But, I don't have multiple Twitter Accounts/Personalities...I just "crazytweet" sometimes.
    The Daily Freeman News Cat is my familiar; I am a Witch after all....